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         Dr Sarah Coxon presents..




Reclaim your inner feminine magic, move beyond fear & liberate yourself for freedom, abundance, purpose and flow….


↠ You're meant for magic. But fear has been holding you back ↞


You were born with an effortless ability to live a wildly magical life. But the constricting forces of society have convinced you that:

⤞ You're not enough 

⤞ You can't have what you want

⤞ Success is about working hard and following a set plan 

⤞ Your femininity is a weakness

⤞ And your value as a woman is measured only by the way you look, how much you give & sacrifice, and how much you live up to society's demands on you



This is bullshit.


And because you've been buying into this, I can guarantee that you've been experiencing one of three things:

⥇ You've been holding yourself back and telling yourself you’re not ready yet, you're not qualified enough or you don’t have the time or money to follow your dreams.

⥇ You've been pushing yourself hard to achieve and prove yourself (doing things that don't truly light you up) - you've been burning yourself out and missing out on the joy of life.

⥇ You haven't been putting yourself out there because you don't think you're good enough and you're worried about being judged or failing. 



This is your sacred invitation.....

...to transcend fear, frustration & dissatisfaction and leap into more expansion, growth, healing and the deep freedom that can only come from embracing your feminine power. 

And because although the world has tried to convince you that you're not enough, your experiences over the last year have led you to believe it’s time to find your way home to yourself and become who you were meant to be all along.

There’s no time to lose.


↠ I get it because I was there too ↞

My story, I'm guessing, is a lot like yours. I spent the majority of my twenties living in a cage, bound by a set of beliefs and social rules that I had not asked for. Like any good girl, I worked hard, I kept my head down, and did what I was supposed to do. I knew deep down what I wanted to do, I just lacked the confidence & support to do it. Fear was holding me back....
But deep down, I desired true freedom. I desired to be liberated, to expand, soar, explore and adventure. I desired to truly know myself and my power. And I desired for my life to feel easy and abundant.
One day, I left it all behind and went  on a journey of self-discovery and reclamation, where I trained, found community, explored and transcended.
I was taught practical tools, techniques and principles that allowed me to:
+ Decondition from Patriarchal Conditioning (an operating system rooted in scarcity, lack, fear and the need to control…)
+ Upgrade to a Feminine Operating system rooted in ease, flow and healing
+ Unleash the Wild Woman to fully experience the power of being a woman
+ Tap into feminine superpowers to experience quantum leaps in fulfillment, success & abundance on my terms
+ Learn how to fully embody trust and truly live, knowing the universe has my back
+ Come home to myself and my heart and find true freedom time and time again
My life is a testimony to living these principles. I live in Portugal with my soul mate Mauro and our dog Mani. I spend my days writing, mentoring, teaching, doing yoga, following my soul’s desires and evolving hard
I learned that if you want to experience wild abundance, deep purpose, potent liberation and soul expansion, you must do the following:


1. Dissolve the patriarchal conditioning that's etched into your being (that you're not even aware of!)
2. Energetically and emotionally rewire yourself for growth, healing and wild abundance.
3. Cultivate your deepest innate feminine siddhi's (superpowers such as intuition and creativity).
4. Learn exactly how to let yourself be supported by and consciously co-create with the Divine (the universe does have your back - but you keep acting like she doesn't!)


I teach you how to do this and more in...


↠ The Academy ↞

It’s a 90 day proven training program for women who’re dedicated to coming home to themselves, dissolving the shackles of fear, diving deeper into the feminine and rising strong to create a wildly abundant life.

This is the exact training program I wish I'd had access to 10 years ago.....


↠ How it works ↞

⤁ 90 days & six potent modules that'll teach you powerful principles & transformative practices to liberate your feminine magic.
⤁ Activating group mentoring calls so that you can learn how to integrate and up-level like never before.....
 ⤁ Exclusive on-going monthly live masterclasses so that you have continued support on your journey...
⤁ Access to the Limitless Community Vortex.....

This is for you if you're a woman who wants to bathe in sisterhood, live a wildly abundant life, experience deep spiritual connection, live in harmony with the universe and surrender deeply, so that magic & miracles becomes your normal reality.

If you’re feeling the call of the wild woman, you’re ready to dig deep and you know now is the time to do the deep inner work of reclamation,  look no further.


And if you've found your way here sister,  you KNOW you're ready to up-level like never before.


Because you truly deserve to live a life beyond fear.



"Sarah's intuitive and inquisitive magic helped me unlock parts of myself that I had kept hidden away for so long and at the same time release some long-held fears that were holding me back. The magic Sarah creates is priceless and really has to be experienced to be believed. Be warned: her work is not for the faint hearted and will transform your life forever."

Grace Chinn

"I was scared to invest but honestly, I'm so grateful I did. Working with Sarah is eye-opening, deep & transformational. Uncovering my limiting beliefs and all the resistance that were getting in my way is where the magic happened - she goes way deeper than surface level and has helped me transform my inner and outer world. It was pure magic. She is GOLD and massively over-delivers! Sarah has made a big BIG impact on my life, and how I lead and serve. I'm a completely different woman..."

Alessa Nicole

↠ Experience quantum leaps of feminine expansion & growth ↞

Here's what you'll experience....

Module 1: Decode / Recode

Module 2: Womancode Pt. 1

Module 3. Womancode Pt. 2

Module 4. The Workings of Creation

Module 5. Creating Catalyzing Connections

Module 6. The Anatomy of Trust

Module 1

Decode/ Recode

You'll discover:

+ How to unravel the deep dark conditioning of patriarchal (low levels of masculine consciousness) limitations.

+ The latest science-backed practices for decoding your inherited subconscious programming on multiple levels. 



Module 2

Womancode Pt. 1

You'll discover:

+ How to heal ancestral wounds & internalized trauma to reclaim the Feminine.

+ Proven embodied practices for releasing emotional blockages & stored trauma and tap into intuitive intelligence.



Module 3

Womancode Pt. 2

You'll discover:

+ How to tap into the three main female siddhi's (superpowers)  so that you can channel the power of the Divine and co-create miracles.

+ How to raise your value consciousness so that you become a magnet for what you deeply desire.


Module 4

The Workings of Creation

You'll discover:

+ Science-backed holographic meditation techniques for creating your most miraculous life.

+ A simple theta-programming tool to tap into the quantum field & shape your reality.



Module 5

Cultivating Catalyzing Connections

You'll discover:

+ How to experience cosmic interconnectiveness so that resources and opportunities magically appear exactly when they're supposed to.

+ How to create relationships & tap into your network to create a manifestation loop.



Module 6

The Anatomy of Trust

You'll discover:

+ The key ingredients needed to amplify your trust and accelerate your success.

+ An effective modality for releasing doubt and increasing universal resonance.




↠ Plus ↞

⤀ Group mentoring calls with Sarah  so that you can be held in sisterhood, truly integrate your insights and experience true support and guidance
VIP Membership to the EXCLUSIVE Limitless Community Vortex
⤀ VIP monthly live masterclasses from Sarah & other experts to answer your personal questions and integrate your transformation deeper
Exclusive access to ALL group mentoring call replays to enhance your own transformation



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↠ This is the deep liberation that allows you to move beyond fear and truly THRIVE ↞

 When the student is ready, the teacher arrives.


⤀ You deserve to have mentorship & support.

⤀ You deserve to have space held for you.

⤀ In fact, you deserve anything your heart desires.



↠ Here's what happens when you say yes to yourself 

Dani wanted to make a bigger impact in the world.  She was scared of being too outrageous and not being taken seriously. Fear was holding her back. Within three months, she had quit her job, tripled her income and lost 15 lbs.  
Telma had just come back from India, where she’d studied Ayurveda. But she was stuck and had no self-belief and no idea how to move forward. Fear was holding her back. Within 6 months, she was living her purpose, following her excitement and making money.
Louise knew she was playing small, but she was letting her fear of success and losing her freedom get in the way of putting herself out there. Fear was holding her back. Within three months, she had the clarity & confidence to pursue a new career and a year later has made more money than ever before, whilst travelling the world with her soul mate.


"The best mentoring I've ever received." Farah Orths

"I can honestly say the transformation I've seen within myself is nothing short of a miracle." Kerry Hinns

"She has unlocked the door within me to radical self-confidence as a woman.... I can't even put into words how expansive that feels.... to finally be able to see your feminine magic and power instead of pushing and forcing yourself." Isabelle Ysebaert

"I've never felt so held before.... The energy of Sarah's work is so potent and magical." Marissa Mignone

↠ You will learn ↞

↠ How to BE the embodiment of pure, potent feminine power.

↠ How to be open to possibility and move past fear with ease.⁣⁣⁣

↠ How to feel valuable enough to ask for what you want and get it (in life, love, play and career).⁣⁣⁣

↠ How to be more loyal to your dreams than your fears and watch yourself soar.⁣⁣⁣

↠ How to release the need to constantly prove yourself to others, direct your energy towards more meaningful pursuits and feel more EASE.

↠ How to feel a deeper connection to yourself and the Divine.⁣⁣⁣

↠ How to begin new projects fearlessly without needing to have it all figured out.⁣⁣⁣ 

↠ How to co-create with the universe, lean into trust and surrender to quantum leaps in ALL areas of your life.



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↠ No risk ↞


What I teach you is truly life-changing. You're going to be so incredibly grateful you said yes to this and really see this as a turning point in your whole life. But I know that it feels scary to spend money on ourselves - we've been conditioned to be skeptical and fearful. Which is why if you join and don't experience breakthroughs  within the first 10 days, you're welcome to a full refund. All I ask is that you send me your filled out workbooks and we set up a quick chat so that I can get your feedback.

↠ FAQs ↞

↠ How is this different from online courses I’ve seen?

Online courses don’t offer you enough support or tailored guidance. They are not designed with your transformation in mind. Every woman is different and her evolution is unique. The Academy is different – it’s structured so that you can go through the trainings at your own pace and receive ongoing support and transformation by  experiencing the power of group mentoring sessions, being part of the community and receiving ongoing trainings. Growth and evolution isn’t linear. You don’t have to have completed the trainings to benefit from the mentoring or on-going live trainings. There’s no getting behind. Your evolution will unfold exactly as it needs to for you.


↠ How much time will this take up? I'm scared I won't be able to keep up.

Modules drop every two weeks, giving you plenty of time to integrate the teachings. Some practices literally only take 2 minutes a day. You can never get behind, so go through at your own pace and allow your transformation to unfold.


↠  Can't I just do this work by myself by reading books and learning?

No. Information without integration doesn't work. I know from experience, nothing accelerates growth quicker than committing to it through investing, and having support and practical tools. No one can see their blind spots and if you don't learn how to embody what you learn in books, you're wasting your time. 


↠ What about the group mentoring sessions?

Group mentoring sessions will be capped at 4 participants – this ensures that you get the support you deserve. As the Academy community grows, you’ll be able to choose from several timeslots, and you’ll have access to all the replays.


↠ What about the investment?

Implement everything I teach, and money (which is simply energy) will come back to you multiplied – this is the Law of Exchange. 

There is of course an investment, but there are three price points at which you can enter the Academy, depending on how much support you desire - apply and we can talk it through.

The question is not 'can I afford to join?' - it's 'can I afford not to?' If you join, your life will change. If you don't, your transformation may take much longer. Which is ok, but ask yourself what you truly want...

If you're feeling a mixture of excitement and fear, that's the sign you need to lean in and grow.



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