Decondition yourself to move beyond fear, harness your feminine power and live a life beyond limits. 

↠ You're meant to shine as your most authentic self. But fear is currently holding you back ↞


You were born with an effortless ability to live a wildly magical life. But the constricting forces of society have convinced you that:

⤞ You're not enough 

⤞ You can't have what you want

⤞ Success is about working hard and following a set plan 

⤞ Your femininity is a weakness

⤞ And your value as a woman is measured only by the way you look, how much you give & sacrifice, and how much you live up to society's demands on you


This is bullshit.

And because you've been buying into this, I can guarantee that you've been experiencing the following:

⥇ You've been holding yourself back and telling yourself you’re not ready yet, you're not qualified enough or you don’t have the time or money to follow your dreams.

⥇ You don't feel like you're showing up as your true authentic self. You hide parts of yourself from others for fear of being judged.

⥇ Many of your friendships operate at surface level and you deeply long to be surrounded by women who are on the spiritual path (but you're not sure where they are)

⥇ You aren't even 100% sure what living a fulfilled, free and expansive life would look like for you - you feel so cut off from your true authentic dreams and inner power.


This is your sacred invitation.....

...to transcend fear, frustration & dissatisfaction and leap into more expansion, growth, healing and the deep freedom that can only come from embracing your feminine power. 

The world has tried to convince you that you're not enough, but something within you is stirring as you read this. You know it’s time to find your way home to your authentic self and become who you were meant to be all along.

There’s no time to lose.



↠ I get it because I was there too ↞

My story, I'm guessing, is a lot like yours. I spent the majority of my twenties living in a cage, bound by a set of beliefs and social rules that I had not asked for. Like any good girl, I worked hard, I kept my head down, and did what I was supposed to do. I knew deep down what I wanted to do, I just lacked the confidence & support to do it. Fear was holding me back....

 But deep down, I desired true freedom. I desired to be liberated, to expand, soar, explore and adventure. I desired to truly know myself and my power. And I desired for my life to feel easy and abundant.

 One day, I left it all behind and went  on a journey of self-discovery and reclamation, where I trained, found community, explored and transcended.


I learned cutting-edge tools, techniques and principles that allowed me to:


⤞ Decondition from Patriarchal Conditioning (rooted in 'shoulds', scarcity, lack, fear and the need to control…)

⤞ Know who I was deep down and express myself without fear of judgement or rejection

⤞ Fully experience the power of being in the feminine

⤞ Experience quantum leaps in fulfillment, success & abundance on my terms

⤞ Learn how to fully embody trust and truly live, knowing the universe has my back

⤞ Come home to myself and my heart and find true freedom time and time again


"My life is a testimony to living these principles. I live in Portugal with my soul mate Mauro and our dog Mani. I spend my days writing, mentoring,  teaching yoga, following my mission to help women and getting paid for it! A few years ago, I had no confidence and no idea how I could make this happen but I'm now literally living my dream."

"Sarah's intuitive and inquisitive magic helped me unlock parts of myself that I had kept hidden away for so long and at the same time release some long-held fears that were holding me back. The magic Sarah creates is priceless and really has to be experienced to be believed. Be warned: her work is not for the faint hearted and will transform your life forever."

Grace Chinn

"I was scared to invest but honestly, I'm so grateful I did. Working with Sarah is eye-opening, deep & transformational. Uncovering my limiting beliefs and all the resistance that were getting in my way is where the magic happened - she goes way deeper than surface level and has helped me transform my inner and outer world. It was pure magic. She is GOLD and massively over-delivers! Sarah has made a big BIG impact on my life, and how I lead and serve. I'm a completely different woman..."

Alessa Nicole

↠ You will learn ↞

↠ How to BE the embodiment of pure, potent feminine power.

↠ How to be open to possibility and move past fear with ease.⁣⁣⁣

↠ How to feel valuable enough to ask for what you want and get it (in life, love, play and career).⁣⁣⁣

↠ How to be more loyal to your dreams than your fears and watch yourself soar.⁣⁣⁣

↠ How to release the need to constantly prove yourself to others, direct your energy towards more meaningful pursuits and feel more EASE.

↠ How to feel a deeper connection to yourself and the Divine.⁣⁣⁣

↠ How to begin new projects fearlessly without needing to have it all figured out.⁣⁣⁣ 

↠ How to co-create with the universe, lean into trust and surrender to quantum leaps in ALL areas of your life.



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