Powerful coaching for women who want to play bigger & prosper.

In a nutshell, I'm awesome at coaching women to play bigger and prosper. 

I coach & mentor women who:

  • Want to play bigger & create a thriving purpose-fueled business (but they've no idea where to start) .

  • Want to pivot and evolve in their current business but they're shit scared to mess up what's already working.


The one thing that the women I work with have in common is that:
They're finally tired of their own bullshit and know it's time to evolve and up level like never before.

Is this you?

  • You're feeling the next level of your evolution is coming.
  • More meaningful projects and ideas are calling to you and despite your fear, you know it's time to start walking your talk….
  • You're here to play bigger dammit and you're more than ready to get out of your own way...
  • You’re ready to work with someone who's gonna be the catalyst for your biggest level up yet.... 

"Sarah is one immensely powerful coach I’m eternally grateful to have been coached by. I was confused, deflated and lacking self confidence and direction, and came out with a new lease for life and crystal clear on the path to take to create a soul-aligned life and business. Her intuitive and inquisitive coaching helped me unlock parts of myself that I had kept hidden away for so long and at the same time release some long-held fears that were holding me back. The magic Sarah creates is priceless and really has to be experienced to be believed. Be warned: her coaching is not for the faint hearted and will transform your life forever."

Grace Chinn

I will help you dig deep, follow your true callings and access your next level of prosperity. 

Get ready to move out of your own damn way and evolve so hard, you won't even recognize yourself.

I believe in holistic transformation.

We'll work closely together for 6 months, and you'll up-level in ALL areas of your life.

To do this, we focus on 5 key areas:
  • Your Mission & Vision – your vision and mission will become so clear and so expansive, it’ll take your breath away.
  • Your Confidence – you’ll learn powerful practices to reinstall deep self-confidence that’ll have you moving past fear easily.
  • Your Strategy – you’ll discover which creative strategies work for you so that make use your unique gifts & talents.
  • Your Skillset – you’ll learn and develop the necessary skills to prosper at a higher level.
  • Your Energy – you’ll learn how to say yes to more of the things that energize you and no to the things that drain you.
I bring a whole mixed bag of tools and expertise to each session. Some days we'll be using somatic and regressive tools to dig deep and release the ingrained stories and beliefs that are holding you back, other sessions we'll simply be getting super practical about the action steps you need to take to move yourself to the next level of prosperity.

"I cannot express my gratitude for the Universe for putting Sarah in my path. Since I started working with her, I feel for the first time in my life all the pieces of my life are fitting in, and I'm living my truth and purpose in the world."

Telma Gonçalves

How it works...

I already believe in you. I already know that within you there is infinite power & potential to create whatever it is that your hear desires. My job as your coach is to help you excavate through the layers of BS until you see it too. And from this space, miracles occur.
I'm also pretty darn practical. I've been a successful entrepreneur for several years, and have followed each new calling and every time have up leveled to new heights of success, so I walk my talk. My experience is there to help you find your own creative solutions and unique path to fulfillment (because you're uniquely YOU, and I'm uniquely me!)
Your coaching with me will be bespoke and dependent on your needs and desires. 
The investment for long term transformative coaching with me starts at $5000. 


If you know in your soul that we're meant to work together and you can truly imagine the amazing life transformation that 6 months of working extremely closely with me will catalyze, apply now...



Unlock Your Next Level of Abundance

In this free and *totally amazing* audio training, you’ll learn three no-nonsense strategies that’ll give you the mindset & clarity to create anything your heart desires.


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