More clients and more ease in your coaching business...


You decided you're gonna dedicate your life to helping others (and I love you for this!).


Maybe you've started your coaching practice or maybe you're just starting out. 
You're really conscientious and you've been using the University of Google to try and figure out how to grow your coaching business.
You've set up an IG account, you have a FB group, but as of yet, NO CONSISTENT SIGN-UPS. 
You're wondering if you should start using Pinterest. Or maybe start a podcast. Perhaps a Youtube channel..... It just feels all so OVERWHELMING.
And when you find yourself looking at other coaches websites and social media feeds, you can't help but feel like you're a COMPLETE FRAUD. I mean, who's gonna really wanna work with you when there are other coaches out there who're killin' it?

But here's something that most new online coaches don't know (and it's gonna save you a lot of heartache):


There's actually a much simpler way to thrive in your coaching business. 


Because, let's face it. The whole reason you want a thriving coaching business is to create freedom and time for yourself.
Time for self-care. Time for the important people in your life. And the freedom to travel. 


I'm Dr Sarah.

I left the life of a PhD to travel and experience life on my terms. But I soon got bored of being broke so I came to the conclusion that it was time to use my coaching skills for greater things and help women transform their lives. After lots of trail and error (and thousands of dollars of investment in powerful coaching AND simple but effective marketing) I learned how to not only create clients but also help them transform their businesses and lives. I book out my coaching regularly (e.g. 40k in 5 months). 

Let me show you how...

The thing is most coaches fail because they try to launch a coaching program.
What you need to do instead is build a coaching practice

And this can be done from a space of ease and alignment with my 5 Step Legendary Coaching Method.




Step 1 | Go Pro in Your Coaching
Step 2 | Create Connections (Visibility, Content & Community)
Step 3 | Extend an Invitation
Step 4 | Serve Powerfully
Step 5 | Make An Offer


It's going to take more than knowing this information to create your extraordinary coaching business.

Want to experience my powerful coaching methods for yourself and have a life-changing conversation?

When I started out coaching, I was charging less than $100 a session, I was struggling to get clients and certainly wasn't earning full-time income. I  was also working extremely hard, hustling to try and 'gain followers' because everyone told me that's what I should be doing.
In my desperation, I stumbled upon a much more aligned method for creating clients that relied solely on creating real connections and powerfully serving (my two favorite things!). 
Once I started implementing my 5 Step Legendary Coaching Method, everything fell into place and I earned 40k in 5 months working only 20 hours a week!

I'm proof that hustling is simply an unimaginative way to create an extraordinary coaching business.

Want to go deep with me and change the direction of your coaching business forever?

What happens when you request a conversation with me?


I'll read through your application.


If I'm intrigued by your application, I'll personally reach out to you and invite you to have a no strings attached 90 minute powerful coaching session with me, where you'll experience a life-changing conversation. 


From there, we decide whether to move forward together to design your dream business and life. 

"My confidence has increased massively - it feels like exponentially. Although I had lots of ideas and dreams at the beginning of the program, I came out with a much clearer - and bigger - vision for my purpose in life! I also feel so much more equipped to make these dreams and visions a reality, as I've learned skills that have helped me to confront my fears and why I was playing small, and align myself with love and what I want to create in life. Sarah is a highly intuitive, supportive and kick-ass coach and she has given me the massive boost I needed to launch my coaching program."

Christine Ottery
Heart & Soul Mentor

Once you experience the life-changing transformation of powerful conversations, you'll really wish you'd started yesterday....

Here's how I coach:


I believe in powerful, fearless coaching. This means I'm not here to be your friend (although that will probably happen); I'm here to deeply serve you.


My job is to see you as you really are: a human being of limitless potential. The problem is that you're living life as though you're not.
As we work together, you'll create your future as a leading coach from the inside-out, one powerful conversation at a time.

Dr Sarah's Credentials (the boring stuff zzzzz)

Dr Sarah Coxon worked as an academic for nearly a decade, during which time she developed a strong set of analytical skills. During this time she mentored students, wrote research papers, presented research and organised conferences. Although during this time she found herself mostly dreaming of lying on tropical beaches.
Sarah has over 13 years experience in the self-development world with over 15000 hours of reading, teaching, training and studying. At one point she even preferred chanting in sanskrit to drinking wine and watching Sex and the City. Luckily she saw the error of her ways...
Sarah is a IYN trained yoga teacher and has more than 2500 hours of transformative teaching experience. She traveled the world teaching yoga and gave up trying to be insta-famous when she realized she couldn't do a handstand to save her life. 

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