From Stressed Out to BOOKED OUT in Your Coaching Business

Are you ready to completely transform your coaching business?

You've decided you're gonna dedicate your life to helping others (and I love you for this - join the gang!).

Maybe you've started your coaching practice or maybe you're just starting out. 

You're really conscientious and you've been using the University of Google to try and figure out how to grow your coaching business.

You've set up an IG account, you have a FB group, but as of yet, NO CONSISTENT SIGN-UPS. 

You're wondering if you should start using Pinterest. Or maybe start a podcast. Perhaps a Youtube channel..... It just feels all so OVERWHELMING.

And when you find yourself looking at other coaches websites and social media feeds, you can't help but feel like you're a COMPLETE FRAUD. I mean, who's gonna really wanna work with you when there are other coaches out there who're killin' it?


Did you know that your future is already written?

And if nothing changes, nothing changes.


Most people create their future by default.


But not my clients.

They create their futures very much on purpose.

How can I support you?

My job as your coach is to help you rewrite your future.

Through powerful conversations, you'll experience the exponential transformation that inevitably comes from DEEP TAILORED COACHING.


My clients create powerful futures:

  • A relationship coach I worked with exponentially increased her confidence to admit her true desire and begin her journey of creating an NGO. 

  • Within weeks of working with me and just a few weeks into her business, one of my clients signed up her first 5 clients. 

  • One coach I coached quickly went on to launch an incredibly successful self-love course.

  • Another client found a love for life that she'd been missing for many years and that was worth EVERYTHING TO HER.

I hand select the small number of 1:1 clients I work with

If you're a conscientious go-getter, request to speak to me.

I'm Sarah.

I left my icky 9-5 to travel and experience life on my terms. But I soon got bored of being broke so I came to the conclusion that it was time to use my coaching skills or greater things and help women transform their coaching businesses. After lots of trail and error (and several thousands of dollars of investment) I finally learned how to not only attract clients and get them life-changing results. I book out my coaching regularly. 

I can show you how...

When I started out coaching, I was charging less than $100 a session, I was struggling to get clients and certainly wasn't earning full-time income. 

Once I decided, I mean REALLY DECIDED, to rewrite my future, it only took me four months to book out my high-ticket coaching program.




Coaching Confidence

Whether you're certified or not, you'll learn how to be the a powerful coach so that you can get LIFE-CHANGING RESULTS from your clients and charge premium prices. 

Fight The Fear

It's a huge relief to finally allow yourself to be seen. I mean, really seen - just as you are. And this is gonna be your superpower. You're gonna learn how to put yourself out there and UNHOOK FROM THE FEAR OF JUDGEMENT that you know has been holding you back. 

Maximize Your Time

Feeling like you just don't have the time to get this shit off the ground? You'll learn the important things to focus on so that you can start to BRING IN CASH in no time at all.

Find a Profitable Niche

Believe that your coaching can help everyone? You'll discover why narrowing your focus will help you stand out. Plus you'll learn how to choose a LUCRATIVE NICHE that aligns with your unique skills, strengths, experiences and purpose. 

Craft An Irresistible Program

Not a sales person? You'll learn that marketing and coaching are the same thing. You'll create a coaching program outline that'll REALLY SERVE YOUR CLIENT and also make you money.

Know Exactly Where You're Going

Still not 100% clear on what you're going for? By the time we're done, you'll have such a clear vision and goal that getting there, and making YOUR DREAMS A REALITY, is gonna be inevitable. 

If you're ready to rewrite your future........

What happens when you request a conversation with me?


I'll carefully look over your application.

If I feel we are a good fit I'll personally reach out to you and invite you to have a no strings attached 90 minute powerful coaching session with me, where you'll experience a life-changing conversation. 

From there, we decide if to move forward together. 

"My confidence has increased massively - it feels like exponentially. Although I had lots of ideas and dreams at the beginning of the program, I came out with a much clearer - and bigger - vision for my purpose in life! I also feel so much more equipped to make these dreams and visions a reality, as I've learned skills that have helped me to confront my fears and why I was playing small, and align myself with love and what I want to create in life. Sarah is a highly intuitive, supportive and kick-ass coach and she has given me the massive boost I needed to launch my coaching program."

Christine Ottery
Heart & Soul Mentor

Once you experience the life-changing transformation of powerful conversations, you'll really wish you'd started yesterday....

What happens when you request a conversation ?


I'll carefully look over your application.

If I feel we are a good fit I'll personally reach out to you and invite you to have a no strings attached 90 minute deep coaching session with me, where you'll experience a life-changing conversation. 

From there, we decide whether to move forward together, or not. 

Let's talk results


I'll show you how to think, feel and act like the kind of coach that you yourself would want to hire!

I've invested THOUSANDS of dollars into my own business development and have learnt from the best of the best. I'll teach you everything I know so that you can avoid making the mistakes I made at the beginning and fast-track yourself to SUCCESS.

I'll show you why being yourself is your biggest asset and how this can make you more MONEY!

I'll show you how to overcome your fear of being seen so that you can make a real impact and contribution. 

I'll show you the key ingredients you need to ensure the growth and evolution of your business.

You'll come away with a solid business growth strategy, abundance mindset and hell, you might even have signed up your first high paying clients! Just imagine - you'd already have made a return on your investment.

But more importantly, you'll know exactly where you're heading. Imagine the comfort of knowing exactly what to focus on, with the certainty that your success and FREEDOM is inevitable!


My 1:1 coaching is only for women who are willing to do whatever it takes to make their business dreams happen (and avoid months, maybe even YEARS OF NEEDLESS STRUGGLE).

If you're someone who doesn't want to take 100% responsibility for your future, we probably won't get on. Sorry. 
If however you know that Rome wasn't built in a day but you're DETERMINED that you're gonna do this, get yourself on my wait list. 

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