Experience 12 months of unparalleled transformation in your coaching business & life

Do you want to:

EXCEL & EXCEED the kind of income goals that you never thought were possible?
Make an IMPACT in the world (whilst feeling totally aligned)?
Feel clear, confident & SUPPORTED like never before in your business?
And discover what up-leveling in ALL areas of your life (self-confidence, health & wellness, finances, purpose & relationships) REALLY feels like?


 Imagine a year of unparalleled up-leveling where you experience more freedom, connection, authenticity & love than you ever thought possible. Imagine creating the abundant & purposeful life you were always destined to live, all whilst learning how to help others powerfully do the same.

Is this you?


You're a business, mindset, empowerment, health & wellness, relationships or self-love coach.
You believe 110% in the transformative power of coaching and you'd be coached by powerful coaches all day, every day if you could!


You wanna SCALE your coaching business to new heights.


You wanna transform the lives of your clients so much, you become legendary in your field!


You don't just want a successful business. You want to up-level in ALL areas of your personal life. You want balance. You want to feel awesome being you, you want amazing health, beautiful relationships, a freedom lifestyle, financial abundance and a sense of real purpose


The idea of being able to create this beautiful life outside of the noisy online space is music to your ears!


You know that investment is one of the best ways to up-level, but seriously, the amount of choice out there in terms of coaches and approaches is overwhelming...


And, if you're being honest, you're still not totally convinced you can pull this all off...


Join our Inner Circle...


No matter what coaching niche you're in, as a member of the Inner Circle you'll not only experience 12 months of deep personal transformation and EXPONENTIAL GROWTH IN YOUR BUSINESS, you'll also know exactly how to powerfully facilitate change in your clients, from the inside-out. 
The Inner Circle is a community of 6 driven women, carefully hand-selected by Sarah, who are ready to take their coaching businesses & their lives to new heights.

As a member of the Inner Circle, you'll experience....

1. Monthly Personalized Deep Coaching

You’ll experience 90 - 120 minutes of deep 1:1 coaching with Sarah. 

2. Monthly Tailored Trainings

You'll get the exact coaching and marketing trainings you need to move your businesses forward so that you become a supercoach. You’ll have access to this library of exclusive training resources which will grow month after month.

3. Monthly Group Coaching

You'll be part of the new frontier of coaches that provide true exponential value for their clients and are head & shoulders above the rest. Each month we'll powerfully coach each other as a group on Zoom.

4. Monthly Additional Coaching

Based on what you need, whether it be business, relationships, or health related, you'll be deeply coached by another member of the Inner Circle once a month. 

5. Six Powerful Business (& Life) Partners

Each member of the Inner Circle will have difference expertise and knowledge to offer, whether it be mindset, business, empowerment, self-love, relationships or health. You'll have direct access to each other's powerful coaching and knowledge. 

6. The Support of A Driven Community

In the Inner Circle, YOU matter. This isn't a subscription membership site where you are one of thousands or a Facebook group where the overwhelm is real. The power of the Inner Circle lies in being an integral part. Got a question, having an off day, or need some coaching around something? In the Inner Circle we support each other infinitely.

Plus an Inner Circle Intensive

18th - 22nd June 2019 -  Lisbon, Portugal.

5 days where we get to be with each other, connect, and transform infinitely.

Dr Sarah Coxon

Your Facilitator & Leader

A fierce warrior for authenticity, truth and freedom, I was put on this planet to help women exponentially transform their lives, one powerful conversation at a time. 
As the 'High Priestess' leader of our potent Inner Circle, I'll be there to powerfully coach, fearlessly call bullshit, point out the elephant in the room and steer the mothership to any destination of your choosing. 

This isn't a community where you will be spoon-fed information, and can passively watch from the sidelines. 


Your growth as a coach, the complete transformation of your business and the growth of the entire community lies hand in hand with what YOU bring to the table. 


The only limits on where you go with this group are the limits that you choose to hold on to.


No one gets left behind. The bar will be raised so high, and the level of support will be so deep, it will be inevitable that you surpass your goals and expectations. 


 And if you don't get at least 10X return on your investment, you simply haven't gone all in.


Prepare to be supported. Prepare to be uncomfortable at times. Prepare for you and your business to exponentially grow in ways you didn't even believe were possible.


And avoid months, maybe even years of needless struggle.

"My confidence has increased massively - it feels like exponentially… I also feel so much more equipped to make my dreams and visions a reality, as I've learned skills that have helped me to confront my fears and why I was playing small, and align myself with love and what I want to create in life. Sarah is a highly intuitive, supportive and kick-ass coach and she has given me the massive boost I needed…."

Christine Ottery
Love Coach

Being a member of Sarah's Inner Circle is a year long commitment that will lead to exponential growth in your business and life.

You'll ensure the exponential growth of your coaching business and avoid that sense of failure knowing that you & your coaching business isn't  reaching the potential that it could be.

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