The Client Creation Lab 1.0

The complete framework for taking your client list from zero to being fully booked…. and exponentially growing your income and impact in your coaching business.


Do you find yourself stalking successful coaches and wondering how on earth they’re doing it?


You’ve read the depressing statistics:

That 8 out of 10 online businesses fail within the first 2 years.
And 80% of coaches earn under $20000 a year.
And to be completely honest, even $20000 would be amazing right now because you’re not earning a single penny.
“Hi, I’m Sarah and just a year ago I was a new coach volunteering at a yoga retreat to keep a roof over my head whilst I built up my business.
I have a full client list and regularly experience 5-figure months.
I cracked the client creation code. And my client creation framework will show you how.”

Just imagine:

Being seen as an expert in your niche and having people reaching out to work with you.
Sky-rocketing your income and having uncapped earning potential.
Paying off your debt, travelling the world, spending more time with friends and family, whilst working from home.
Truly helping people transform their lives.
Making more money and having more time.

You can. 

(And you can do this without spending thousands on Facebook ads.)

Is it really possible to earn $$$$$ in just a few hours a week?


But gone are the days you can just throw together a coaching program, slap on a huge price tag and launch it.

That approach doesn’t work (and deep down you know it). 


The secret to making money as a new coach just starting out?


Build a coaching practice.


By using my client creation framework, I’ve built a coaching practice that regularly hits 5-figure months.

And I created The Client Creation Lab 1.0 to give you a complete system that'll help YOU turn pro in your coaching business.



But it wasn’t always that way.
I struggled to make even $50 an hour in the beginning.
I was constantly worried about money.


In other words, I get it.


But in less than a year, I developed a client creation system that actually works.
Just 8 months in, I was able to pay the bill for my parents at the restaurant without any concern and book & pay for a surprise vacation for my boyfriend, just like that.
I’d never experience that kind of financial freedom before!


The Client Creation Lab 1.0 is a compilation of the most powerful strategies I know that will have you turning your coaching business into a full time gig.


The course won't take up hours of your precious time. Designed to be powerful & to the point, this course is for those of you who want to translate your insights into massive action immediately. 


This is the only course you need to:

grow your audience online


build a thriving coaching practice

(and quit your job, travel the world, pay off your debt and work less than 20 hours a week)


"It’s just ahhhh. I love it so much. I have done so many courses already that consisted of sooooo many modules. And here is yours, to the point every time, only the necessary value, no blah, the right questions for each tasks… I’m enjoying it so much. I already gained sooo much clarity and insight from the positioning module and I’m not even finished yet."

Alessandra Nicole

If you implement everything in this course, you can 10x / 20x or even 50x your initial investment!

What you'll learn:

1. How to Position Yourself

You'll learn how to position yourself online so that prospective clients want to work with you (and only you). 

2. How to Master Marketing

You'll learn simple and powerful online marketing strategies (that work!) so that your coaching practically sells itself.

3. How to Generate Leads

You'll learn powerful and ingenious ways to generate leads and wow prospective clients during the process.

4. How to Sign Up Clients

You'll learn a foolproof method for 10xing your client enrollment (and book out your coaching practice in no time at all). Plus you'll never feel sleazy or salesy again! 

BONUSES (worth $291)

Wealth Creation Framework (worth $97)

This ingenious framework that will help you create waaaaaay more money in your coaching business. 

Facebook Group Bootcamp (worth $97)

If Facebook is your thing, this bonus will teach you  how to use it to grow your coaching business in no time at all (for free). 

Legendary Coaching Questions (worth $97)

This bonus will share with you some of my favorite and powerful coaching questions that will help you sign up clients and change their lives. 

To the point, powerful & easy to implement:

  • 5 'no fluff' modules

  • 10 video trainings

  • extra resources such as worksheets, checklists and swipe files.

This is THE course for you if want to:

  • Wave goodbye to overwhelm & procrastination.
  • Know exactly what to focus on to build your business in just a few hours a week.
  • Structure your week for MASSIVE success.
  • Have a very clear unshakable direction.
  • Market yourself in a way that feels effortless and authentic.
  • Beat the Facebook and Instagram algorithms and build an engaged audience.
  • Learn simple and effective strategies for creating clients on demand.
  • Learn 2 methods to easily get prospective clients on the phone (ones who’re already red hot to sign up for your coaching).
  • Know exactly what to say when a prospect tells you they can’t afford you or they don’t have time.
  • Learn a proven and authentic method for closing more sign ups on enrollment calls. In fact, you can 10x your sign ups!
  • An almost guaranteed and FUN method for crushing your income goals every 90 days!


  • Ensure you’re a powerful coach that’s truly transforming the lives of your clients (goodbye Imposter Syndrome!).


This course ISN'T for you if:

  • You want hours and hours of fluffy generic marketing training that looks valuable but doesn't actually help you much.
  • You DON'T want to exponentially grow your coaching business. 
  • You're NOT ready to take full responsibility for the growth of your coaching business and your life. 
  • You're NOT willing to implement what you learn to 10x / 20x or even 30x your initial investment within a year. 

"For the first time in my life, all the pieces are fitting in and I'm living my truth and serving my purpose in the world."

Telma Gonçalves

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