Hi, I'm Dr Sarah Coxon. I help authentic women become legendary, thriving coaches...

...one powerful conversation at a time....

From an academic career to mentor for powerful coaches.


A few years ago, I was a respected academic with a PhD but I felt dead inside. I was trying my hardest to force the career path I'd chosen for myself, but it was becoming increasingly obvious that I was just bullshitting myself. I still remember that excruciating agony of knowing I wasn't being true to who I really am; I wasn't free, I wasn't being authentic and I wasn't really helping anyone. 


Until one day I said 'fuck this shit', quit, and went in search of something better. I hunted high and low to find my true talent. 

Turns out my natural talent is helping people radically transform their lives through the power of conversations.

I believe that being coached can create an exponential shift in the quality of women's lives...

I believe powerful conversations can help women live a fulfilled life that's aligned with who they are.

I believe that coaching can help women find and use their gifts and talents to benefit others.

I believe that coaching can help women rewrite the rules of what's possible for them.

But I also believe that something has gone astray in the online coaching world....

Tell me, is this you?

You've decided you wanna be a coach. Maybe you're already coaching or you're just about to start......

You don't have consistent clients and it's stressing you out...

No matter how hard you try, you have no idea how to market yourself.

And if you're being totally honest, something feels off with the whole marketing thing - you've been lurking within the online coaching space of FB groups & IG, and it all just seems so frickin' noisy!

......all these coaches talking about sales, marketing and shouting out about 10k months......

Somehow it feels all so unaligned with who you are.

And yet, you also wanna create a thriving business and make sure you're an excellent coach.....


I see you

It bothered me too. 

I saw too many coaches out there with fantastic marketing but empty offers (& mediocre coaching). 

Plus very few are talking about how to coach. Few are talking about how to powerfully help their clients find true transformation. 

I truly struggled to find my way in the beginning of my coaching business - I felt I either had to make outrageous marketing promises I didn't know if I could keep OR if I stayed in total integrity, I feared I was destined to not make any money in my coaching business. 

I knew there must be another way.

So I set out to bridge the gap between fantastic marketing and legendary coaching.

And within just a few months business boomed.

As a result clients came flooding in and I've had a booked out coaching practice ever since....

I'm now dedicated to teaching my clients the skills of aligned marketing and powerful coaching through my Legendary Coaching Business Formula...


I'm living proof that the key ingredients of a successful coaching business are:

  • Honest and authentic marketing.

  • Transformative coaching.

I'm here to shake up the online coaching world!


Are you with me?


Let the coaching revolution begin.


Craft a $$$$ Coaching Program that Practically Sells Itself 

(so you have time for the more important things in life)

Dr Sarah's Credentials

Dr Sarah Coxon worked as an academic for nearly a decade, during which she developed a strong set of analytical skills. During this time she taught & mentored students, wrote research papers, presented research and organised conferences.


Sarah has over 13 years experience in the self-development world with over 15000 hours of ready, teaching, training and studying.


Sarah is a IYN trained yoga teacher and has more than 2500 hours of transformative teaching experience. 

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