Who is Sarah?

From desk-bound archaeologist to heart-centered business mentor living the beach lifestyle dream.

A few years ago, I was working in an environment that was sucking my soul dry. I was trying my hardest to pretend to give a shit about the career path I'd chosen for myself, but it was becoming increasingly obvious that I was just bullshitting myself. I still remember that excruciating agony of knowing I wasn't being true to who I really am; I wasn't free, I wasn't being authentic and I wasn't really helping anyone. PLUS I was broke. 

In 2016 I decided to put on a pair of big girl trousers and find my own way. It wasn't easy but when I stumbled on the secret formula, everything fell into place. I've since built a life and business I can't get enough of. Nowadays , you're most likely to find me drinking wine with my besties, geeking out over yoga & meditation, heart-riffin' about how awesome it is to be female, and helping women tap into their female superpowers and get aligned with what truly makes them fizzle & bubble inside. Heart-centred businesses that change the world? Yes yes YES! I'm here to show you how to GET ALIGNED with who you really are and get paid for it (even if you don't believe it's possible for you).

It's my sincerest belief that women are POWERHOUSES. It's just that, in a dude-centred world, female powers such as intuition, creativity and nurture are overlooked (and in some clases, even ridiculed!). I say out with the shoulder pads, and in with the goddess magic! When women serve in their businesses and earn good money, the world wins. Yippeeeee!

I believe that success for women is....


Living a fulfilled life that's aligned with who you truly are.

Tapping into your female powers (you know you got them!)

Having time for the things that are most important for you.

Using your gifts and talents to benefit others.

Being of service to the planet.

Being 100% yourself.

The freedom to say yes and no to anything.

Living a life full of love, abundance and prosperity.

Rewriting the rules of what it is to be a woman in business.




Tell me, is this you?

You have a dream to live a balanced and happy life making money from doing what sets your soul on fire. 

You dream of making a real impact upon the world - you wanna help others so bad!

You love spiritual shizzle but you draw the line at shaving your head and joining a cult. 

Oprah is your home girl, Elizabeth Gilbert feels like a sister to you and my goddess you wish you'd been able to meet the late Maya Angelou. 

#metoo felt to you like an uprising of sisterhood.

You love women, you love sisterhood and you believe that bringing feminine values to the table will make this world a better place.

You're not a corporate girl and being stuck in an office is not your natural habitat, and if you had the choice, you'd be walking bare foot in yoga apparel all day, every day (girl, I feel ya!). 

You're too hard on yourself.  You wish you were further along in your life - everyone else seems to have their shit together.

You wanna do work that is aligned with your unique passions and gifts and pays the bills.

You're not 100% clear on what your unique gifts are and why anyone would pay you but my goddess, you're determined to find out.




I see you

Because I've been there. And although I'm still navigating my way, my life has changed dramatically in the past 5 years because I decided I wanted to own my femininity and create a happy business & life on my own terms dammit!

You see, probably just like you, I spent many years trying to be successful, but I had a very warped view of success and I was looking for happiness in the wrong places (can you relate?).

When I was in my 20s, I became an archaeologist. Lara Croft style (kidding, no-one looks sexy when they're covered in dirt!). I was writing my PhD  but it was the most uncreative phase in my life. I kept editing myself so that I would be taken seriously but I felt so inauthentic, and no-one took me seriously anyway. I felt like a silly little girl. I then played at getting what my parents call 'a proper job' as an archaeological consultant for a tour operator, but all that meant was that I bitched about management far more than was healthy and ate too much cake. At that time I was also forcing a relationship that intuitively I knew wasn't good for me (it was only later that I realised how spot on my intuition had been).



Square peg in a round hole.

That was me. I desperately wanted to be someone important. I was miserable and felt like it wasn't ok to be who I really was deep inside.

Until the unthinkable happened.

My brother died of an overdose at the age of 33. I was 24 at the time and the grief was overwhelming. I had no choice but to take time out, feel and process it all.

By the time I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, everything had changed. I had changed. And I knew I couldn't force my life anymore.

I wanted success on my terms.

So I decided I wanted to create a more meaningful life. I left England and made the decision to travel the world and teach yoga. Thailand, Philippines, Bali - these were my great loves for the later part of my twenties, and during that time I learnt how to be a open-hearted entrepreneur.


But I wasn't quite there. 

I had a growing, meaningful & surprisingly profitable yoga business and I was making a positive impact upon the world. Outwardly I looked successful - I was living on a tropical island and teaching yoga full-time. But I was living a lie. Deep down  I knew my work was women's work, but behind closed doors I was in an extremely toxic relationship. I was constantly living in fear, terrified of his anger but even more terrified to leave. My intuition was ridiculed. My emotions were made fun of. And my desire to work with women was questioned. It pains me to admit that I edited myself again during this time. 


And then my breakthrough happened.

A lightbulb went off in my head, Mother Earth inside of me rose strong and shouted: ENOUGH! And I found the strength to leave paradise, leave the misogynist boyfriend, move to Portugal on my own and do the work I've been put on the planet to do.

Wanna know how the story ended?


I got crystal clear on who I am, what I offer, who I serve and how I make the money (so that I can keep on serving!) 

Intuition, creativity and the desire to serve is at the core of my 'business strategy' (and let me tell you, that's what makes the difference).

I stopped undercharging for my services, created an abundance mindset and dramatically increased my income.

I met my soulmate Mauro (awwww!). We're now building our healing empire in Portugal. 

And I've since inspired many women to dig deep and identify and heal their shit, get aligned so that they too can flourish & thrive in business and in life. 


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