'I help extraordinary women create extraordinary lives.'

I know what it is to live an extraordinary life, led by curiosity and passion. 

I devoted 10 years of my life to being an archaeologist. I excavated, wrote research papers, mentored students and changed the voice of history.

And then very suddenly, I knew it wasn’t meant to be my life anymore. By day I was writing research proposals. By night I was devouring books about personal development and esoteric practices.

I left the academic world to travel to the East, teach yoga and help women improve the quality of their lives - not the done thing when you have a PhD.

But my soul knew what it wanted.

Leaving a scientific background meant embracing a new way of being and during those years I learned a profound lesson:

It requires deep bravery and focused intention to live a more authentic and meaningful life.


This is the essence of my coaching.

Coaching is my art and my craft. It’s the art of going so deep with another human being, that the way they see the world and who they are in it changes forever.

The forward-facing nature of coaching encapsulates what it is to create an extraordinary life very much on purpose.

My coaching is for women who still feel shackled by the idea of 'should' and are ready to break free and give birth to their most authentic life vision. 

If you're not someone who need a coach, but you're hungry for more depth and meaning in your life, my coaching might just be for you.

Click here to get in touch and let's talk.


More About Me:

I'm a UK national living in Portugal. I've also lived in the Philippines.

I in front of the ocean, in a lost pocket of open space that's 10 minute walk away from breathtaking rugged coastlines - if you can't find me at the beach, I'm probably sat on a cliff top or cycling near the nearby lake.

I strive for simplicity.

I 'work' 3 days a week and I'm always looking for new ways to strip back my life to what's important.

I have 15 years of personal development experience, 10 years of academic training and 2500 hours of transformative yoga therapy experience. 

I love my partner Mauro (he's Italian!) with every fibre of my being. I had no concept of deep soulmate love until we met. Knowing that our union is temporary encourages me to appreciate every single day we have together, until fate intervenes.



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