Life Mission Made Simple

Your 90 minute 1:1 power session to get clearer on your path, find direction and have a customized plan of action that'll help you find the clarity you've been seeking.

You know you're here to do something meaningful and live your life mission with passion and purpose, but right now you're feeling stuck and confused.

You find yourself constantly asking:

How can I find my purpose in life?

What am I here to do?

How can I know I'm on the right path?

Breathe lovely, I've got you from here.

If you're struggling and have been praying for guidance, I've been put in your path to give you clarity and direction. If you're seeking no nonsense, no BS actionable strategies to help you get to know yourself and your purpose better, I'm the gal for you. 

Imagine the relief, the reassurance, the confidence and the clarity.

During our 1:1 power session, I'll give you unique and tailored practical guidance and support to help you get clearer and move yourself forward in the process of knowing who you are and what you're here to do.

No going over it again and again in your head - you'll discover what you need to do to get the clarity you desire. 


Life Mission Made Simple

An in depth assessment of you and your unique strengths PLUS the specific steps you need to take to move towards greater clarity in your life mission.

What you'll get....

Preparation Workbook

Immediately begin the process.

90 Minute Power Intensive

During our 1:1 session, you'll discover a new and fresh perspective.

Customized Plan of Action

Never worry about going off track again.

Who is Life Mission Made Simple For?

Women who are done with feeling confused and stuck.

Women who know they have something greater to give the world

Women who recognize clarity comes from action, but are not yet sure what action to take.

Women who're ready to do the necessary work to get clear on their purpose.

Women who know the answers lie within themselves but are looking for help and guidance to bring them out 

Women who wanna take full responsibility for their life and destiny

Who is Life Mission Made Simple NOT For?

Women who want to be told their purpose by someone else (rather than discover it)

Women who prefer to let life happen to them rather than taking full responsibility

Ok, I'm so in! How do we do this?!

Invest in yourself and your life mission by clicking the link below.

Within 24 hours I'll send you your power session preparation workbook, plus we'll arrange the time of our call.

We have our 1:1 power session over the phone, heart-riffin' it out until you gain clarity.

I'll then send you your customized practical plan of action 

I'll follow up with you over the coming weeks so that you feel supported and have accountability in your discovery of purpose

Sarah, I need this in my life....


Preparation Workbook

90 Minute 1:1 Power Session

Customized & Practical Plan of Action

Follow Up Support


Why Sarah?

I'm kind, compassionate and I care about you already. It's my mission to give women the tools they need to empower themselves to live more fulfilling lives. I've already inspired hundreds of women to transform their lives. Become one of them.


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