A Daily Practice to Help You Make More Money in Your Coaching Business

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2018

Worrying about money sucks, right?

It robs us of feeling pure in-the-moment joy. When we’re focusing on not having enough money, our creativity goes down the toilet and so does our sense of worthiness. 

But I'm here to let you know that things can change for you. Your relationship with money can change! You can feel good about money and bring more in!

Let  me explain.

I was an archaeologist for 10 years. If you are one or know of one, you’ll appreciate that the salary expectancy of an archaeologist is LOW. I expected to make $20000 a year base salary. Not great. Let’s just say my money mindset was not good and it never even occurred to me that my destiny could be any other way.

I felt a sense of CRIPPLING FEAR around money.

Bargain shopping and cost-cutting was my norm. Spending money left me feeling so anxious.

And not feeling like I had enough money went hand in hand with feeling totally unsafe - in body & mind.

When I first became an entrepreneur, I was teaching yoga & making and selling jewelry. I sold my first piece for $200 and I felt physically sick that I could charge that much for my work.

I sold more and more and never quite shook off the feeling that it was wrong to do so.

When I transitioned into coaching, I felt the same feelings of unworthiness and had to work really hard to allow myself to make money in my business. 

When I started to sign up high-paying clients consistently, feelings of not being worthy surfaced.

But I also felt scared to lose what I'd earned - that money meant security to me. It represented safety.

But by not spending it I was restricting its flow - you gotta invest to make a return, right?

I realised this and with the help of my coach, immediately got to work.

Not on my business strategy but on my sense of security and safety. I wanted more flow and more ease around money.

And in order to do that I knew I needed to feel safe, safe in my body, safe in my mind and safe in the knowledge that I'm being supported at all times. 

So I started an intense grounding practice.

Here's how I did it:

1) I walked barefoot almost everywhere. I really focused on drawing energy down into my feet.

2) I spent time in nature.

3) I did grounding meditations (click here to try it out).

 It worked.

As soon as I began feeling safe in my body, I felt comfortable to invest in more coaching and training and within a couple of weeks I’d made a substantial return on those investments. Money flowed to me like never before. 

Most mornings I now spend 10 minutes feeling into my body, imagining I have deep roots connecting me to mumma earth and knowing she is supporting me.

It’s working and I feel safer than ever and the money keeps flowing in and out.

So if you feel scared about money, try grounding yourself. 

Click here for one of my free grounding meditations.



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