3 Life Hacks to Find Your Life Mission

Are you confused about your life mission? 

You're not the only one. As a purpose and business coach, this is the one thing that I see women struggle with time and time again. They come to me because they wanna be clearer on their life mission but they've no idea how. 

The research is unanimous - having a sense of purpose in your life dramatically increases your sense of well-being and happiness. But there's a 70% chance that if you're reading this, you’re feeling confused and stuck about what your purpose is.

That was me - confused, apathetic and stuck - until I found a way to break the spell of disillusionment, dig deep and uncover what makes me tick and what inspires me to get out of bed in the morning. 

And I’m here to tell you that it’s all a lot simpler than you think. In this post, I'll be sharing with you 3 simple but valuable life-hacks that'll help you change your perspective on what having a life purpose is, and point you in the right direction for finding and following yours.

1. There's No Such Thing as A Life Purpose

Right off the bat (and life hack numero uno); there’s actually no such thing as a life purpose. Say whaaat? Now, hear me out. You – this wonderful unique human being with all sortsa gifts and qualities – you can’t be reduced to fit into one box or category. that's what they tried to do to you in school and it didn't work did it? They either crushed your creativity or gave you an identity before you'd even begun to figure out what you love to do.  

There isn’t only one thing that you’re here to do in the world, and I’m going to suggest that the reason you’ve been so worried about being on the right track is because you’ve bought into the idea that there’s a right path and a wrong path. But, what if you were to change your perspective? What if rather than right or wrong, you instead focused on whether or not what you’re doing feels good and aligned with who you are? What's more, we only ever want what we want in life because we believe it will make us feel a certain way. So what I’m saying is, it’s not what you do that’s so important, it’s how it makes you feel.

I’ve worked with many women that, once they’ve figured this bit out, their whole perspective and world opens up. And rather than feeling confused and scared, they feel a greater sense of freedom to follow their curiosity and feel good in the process of discovery because the truth is this; you’re purpose in life is to feel amazing as often as humanly possible.


2. Get To Know When You're In Flow

Ok, so the second life hack is to get to know your 'flow moments' - the times throughout your day when you feel in flow. This is when time almost stands still, you’re fully engaged with what you’re doing in the moment and you feel energized, strong and in the zone. These moments may be fleeting, but they exist and its your job to get to know them intimately. One of the best ways to do this is to take a notepad around with you and write these moments down immediately as they happen in as much detail as possible. These moments and the feelings of empowerment that they generate are giving you clues about what your strengths are - those moments of natural flare, talent and enjoyment. As you get to know these strengths and start building your life around them, you’ll find that life simply feels better, you’ll feel in flow much more often, life will unfold for you in really magical ways and feeling a sense of purpose and fulfillment will be inevitable.


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