A Simple Way to Grow Your Email List Using Facebook Groups

Uncategorized Aug 12, 2018


I love email marketing. I used it when I ran my first online business  (yoga jewelry FYI), I use it now and it works like a charm.

I love email marketing because; you own your list, you beat the pesky FB/IG algorithm, and, if you do it right, you can really build trust with your audience.

And Facebook groups are a great way to reach your ideal clients and grow your list.

So, how do you do this?

  • First you need to create a valuable opt-in that speaks to your ideal client’s pain point . One of my winning opt-ins is: ‘Craft a $$$$ coaching that practically sells itself.’ From this one sentence, I'm showing my prospective client  that I know that they're having challenges charging premium prices and want to sell their coaching programs with much more ease.
  • Create a simple landing page that highlights what they’ll get from the training. Top tip: include video! When I included a video of me talking about the training, my conversions went up.
  • Find Facebook groups where your ideal client is hanging out AND it’s ok to promote. You'll build trust if you are active in that Facebook group by commenting on people's posts and posting valuable content. 
  • Promote your opt-in in a simple colorful post. Something like: ‘FREE TRAINING: Craft a $$$$ coaching that practically sells itself. Comment below and it’s yours.’ Keep it super simple so that your prospective client doesn't have to think too much (I mean, none of us want to think too much, do we?).
  • Let comments build up.
  • Then post the link to your training on each comment. This boosts the post, meaning more people will see it.
  • When you post the link, add a personalized response such as ‘Thanks Kelly, here it is’ - this stops Facebook from thinking you’re spam and blocking you (happened to me once - I thought I'd broken the internet haha!)
  • Remember that WHEN you post matters, so if you post and no one comments, it might just be the algorithm. Experiment. Post it on different days and at different times. Or change the language you use.
  • Keep experimenting and when you find a day, time and phrase that works, make a note, then rinse and repeat.

It can take time to discover what works, but when you do, you'll be able to give immense value and grow your email list in no time at all.


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