5 Ways to Get High-Paying Coaching Clients Consistently

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2018


OK, so you've decided you're going to raise you prices and from now on only work with high-paying clients.....

... but how the hell do you consistently sign up clients at your new price point?

Contrary to what you've heard, you don’t need a huge audience to get consistent high-paying clients. Why? Because it’s not about numbers when you’re starting out, it’s about engagement.

And it’s very easy to get your consistent high-paying client when you have the right mindset.


Here’s how:

1. Have a relevant & profitable offer 

Make sure that your $$$$ coaching program REALLY speaks to your ideal client. I can't stress this enough. 


2. Offer value 

When you’re just starting out, choose just one platform and really master it (I was an IG gal but now I’m loving Facebook groups). Give away your best stuff for free and offer REAL VALUE. This is how you quickly build trust with your audience and you’re able to position yourself as an authority. So don’t hold back, especially at the beginning! Your audience will love you, appreciate you and they’ll remember you.


3. Be consistent 

Engage daily and make it a labor of love. You have to offer value consistently, ask your audience questions about what they’re struggling with and deliver simple but effective mini-solutions for these problems. Relate to them – remember that they are human beings and show how much you care.


4. Pitch daily 

Now this can feel tricky and you have to pitch in a way that feels good but it’s important that you talk about your program at least once a day. Why? People need to see things a few times before it registers in their brain. The best way to do this is to first offer value, such as inspiration or education, and then mention your program. Make sure it’s accompanied by a call to action, such as ‘click here to apply.’


5. Go for no 

You’re gonna hear ‘no’ a lot, so expect to hear no, be resilient to it and know that every no is a no closer to a yes. It’s a numbers game – the more no’s you hear, the more yesses you’ll experience.


It’s not rocket science!!

The more you show up, the more you offer value, the more you ask for the sale, the quicker you’ll get consistent sign ups (and the sooner you can really start helping people with your program).



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