4 Things You Need to Help Your Coaching Clients Get Results

Uncategorized Jul 08, 2018


Ever been scared that you're not getting your coaching clients good enough results?

I’ve been there.

You’ve been so focused on signing up clients, and now you have them you’re secretly feeling really anxious and scared.

They’re paying money to you and you feel like now you’ve gotta get them results.

But you also feel that you can’t reach out and talk about this because people might think you’re not a very good coach and then you won’t get more clients, right?

Oh yes, that was me in the beginning.

But the good news is that, actually, this fear is a good thing – it means you’re conscientious and you care.

But if you’re feeling like this, there’s a huge chance that you’ve forgotten what coaching is. And this amnesia is the very thing that would end up making your coaching mediocre.

What you’ve forgotten is that coaching is NOT giving a bunch of advice and giving your client all the right answers.

Coaching is creating space for your clients to access the answers that they already have within themselves.


To be a legendary coach, you need 4 things:

1. Life experience

You’re a human, so well done, you can already tick that box!!


2. Curiosity

If you’re really intrigued about what’s going on between the ears of your client, and you’re naturally inquisitive about people, you’re in the right profession!


3. Unattachment

This is a hard one, but you’ve got to be unattached to your clients’ results.

If you offer them incredible insight, but they don’t take action, is it really on you?


4.The belief that failure breeds success 

I actively encourage my clients to fail. Why? Because it gives them permission to get stuck in. If they’re not failing, they’re not transforming as powerfully as they could be.


So now you know these pillars of legendary coaching, go coach your ass off! You’ll  have good clients and bad clients; it’s all part of the coaching journey!



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