A 3 Hour a Week Content Marketing Strategy for Online Coaches

Uncategorized Jul 29, 2018


I believe in keeping my marketing simple and spending more time in conversations with clients and prospective clients – conversations are the lifeblood of your business.

But you need to get your message out there in order to initiate these conversations.


Here’s what I do to build trust and add value in my FB group, IG and email community:

  • Once a week, I sit down and write 7 pieces of valuable and practical content – 4 will be simple nuggets of wisdom and 3 will be around 500 words long and more detailed (usually a ‘how to’ piece sparked by a conversation with a client or a new training I’ve been through).
  • I’ll schedule these for my FB group daily (at different times, according to what FB suggests is optimum time in group insights).
  • I'll add the longer post to my blog.
  • I also write bullet points for a FB Live which I do once a week.
  • Towards the end of the week I will choose the best performing content and modify it to send to my email list the following week.
  • I’ll also post that same content in other FB groups where my ideal client is hanging out (to add value there).
  • I write one or two ‘inspirational’ posts for IG a week.
  • I update IG stories at least once a day, often more.
  • Once a month I create a new training, which I send to my email list – I work on this throughout the month.
  • Once a week I use this training as an opt-in and post it in appropriate FB groups – I collect an average 40 - 50 email addresses each time I do this – that’s 50 people who are within my niche audience!


This is my current simple system that takes no time at all and is growing my business and audience nicely.

And remember that numbers aren't everything, I have a small and engaged audience and because of this I'm  making full time income (and then some) consistently. 




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