3 Things to Do When You Need More Confidence in Your Coaching

Uncategorized Jul 22, 2018

Ever asked yourself the question:

“ Do I know enough to be a coach?”

Ok, tell me, is this you?

You’ve been through an amazing life transformation.

You’ve done the work and got results in your own life.

You know from experience what works and what doesn’t, and you sure as hell have a whole lot of knowledge that can improve the quality of other people’s lives.

You want to be a coach!

But you haven’t started coaching yet.



Is it because you believe deep down that you're not 'qualified' to coach?



Now, I’m not knocking Life Coaching Training and all of that, but honestly, it’s my belief that LIFE gives us the skills to coach and help people transform.

If we have NO experience of what we’re coaching on, then fair enough, coaching school may be the best option, but if we already have experience and knowledge, we only ever need to be 2 or 3 steps ahead of our clients.

And of course it's important to learn best coaching practices and how to get real results for your clients, but really it’s all about asking the right questions and THAT particular skill can’t be taught in a course; you develop it as you go along, through ongoing mentorship and practice.

The most important learning comes from engaging in real life situations and with real life clients, not being back at school.


So what can you do to psyche yourself out of not needing to hide behind a qualification (FYI it’s ALL mindset)?

  1. Write down your personal mission. What is it you really believe? How do you want to help people?
  2. Write down your life experiences and transformation story. What have you learned? How has your life changed? What knowledge do you have that you wish other people knew?
  3. Write down the ways in which you can you act like a confident coach already. What would you do? How would you share your knowledge and experience? How would you act?


ALWAYS question that voice inside you that says ‘I’m not ready’. It’s stopping you from making a real difference in the world.



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