3 Steps to Successfully Navigate a Career Change (& Follow Your Callings)

Uncategorized Feb 02, 2019

There comes a moment in every woman’s life when she feels as though she’s plateauing in her life and a career change or change in her business is calling to her.

Perhaps you’re finding yourself experiencing this right now and a pivot in your career or business is calling you. What once lit you up now feels stagnant and unfulfilling. And although you know you’ve accomplished a lot, you keep having the sense that there’s something else. You haven’t yet really explored your potential.

There’s a call and a pull to do greater, more meaningful work in the world. And yet the lack of clarity and doubt as to whether you have the bandwidth to start something else feels overwhelming. If this calls to you, keep reading for 3 very practical tips that will help you navigate your latest transition compassionately and courageously.

It’s my firm belief that in order to fully thrive as women, we must not only listen to these nudges but honour these callings, no matter how inconvenient they are and how crazy they seem. Every whisper is an invitation to up level and evolve. We are constantly in the process of becoming.



As women, we are wired for growth and meaning. When we are brave and follow what beckons us, we will always find a new depth of self. But if we stay locked in fear, we can only ever live half a life and we will never feel fully alive.

Simply put, if you find yourself in a career or running a business that once inspired you but is now feeling stagnant, it’s time to change things up. Because your deep fulfilment is crucial and important, not just in terms of your mental wellbeing and spiritual evolution, but because the planet needs brilliant women like you to play bigger and make a difference.

If anyone knows about transitions and following callings (even when they don’t make sense), it’s me. I went from archaeologist to yoga teacher to jewellery designer to life coach to business mentor to women’s life catalyst, all in the space of 4 years! And every single time I’ve transitioned like this, I’ve found not only new heights of fulfillment but real confidence, freedom and also financial abundance. Were these transitions always easy? Hell no. They took bravery, trust and a whole lot of support from the amazing men and women in my life. But these up leveling were always worth it.

And here’s how you can navigate your own evolution:


1. Take Action

My first piece of advice is, if you kinda know what you’re being called to do, but you’re not yet fully clear, the quickest route to clarity is to take some action. Very often we believe that planning and journaling about our desires is enough to create clarity, when in fact this type of procrastination it is a clever method of distraction.

 Of course there is always an incubation period when a new calling emerges, but nothing beats action when it comes to gaining clarity. If you find yourself being increasingly drawn to photography, an action step would be to do some photo shoots for friends. Or if you find yourself pulled to give great love advice, why not write an article for elephant journal. You must not let perfectionism stop you. By taking action, no matter how messy it feels, you’ll gain more confidence, competence and you’ll have a much better idea of what this new calling is all about.


2. Involve People

 My second piece of advice is, despite your inclination to keep your new fledgling of a calling close to your chest, involve people. I was writing my PhD when I fell in love with the idea of teaching yoga. I was terrified to tell my academic colleagues because of a fear that they wouldn’t take me seriously. When I couldn’t contain this calling anymore, I actually began teaching yoga to them after office hours. Not only did this build my confidence, but it helped them!

I know you’re probably scared that people will judge you but be courageous and bring your inner circle, your friends, family and colleagues along with you. Tell them what you’re up to and what you’re transitioning into or exploring. You’ll have more support than you think and you’ll get over your fear of judgement pretty quickly. Successful callings that make a difference in the world require you to be visible and to speak your truth. So get yourself into that habit now and let yourself be supported. And know that if people don’t support you, it speaks more about them than you!


3. Allow Time for Transition 

My piece of advice is to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. You don’t have to quit your job immediately and jump straight in. Build a foundation and allow there to be a period of transition where you start to build clarity and momentum in your new venture. Yes, it can feel really messy but giving yourself permission to explore what’s calling you, alongside working in your current job or working in your current business will help you feel more secure and make more empowering choices (trust me, trying to make a calling work financially because you need to pay your rent is not a position you want or even need to be in).


Following your callings doesn't have to feel like a life of death situation. With patience and courage, you'll be able to navigate these new chapters with grace, so that you can continue to evolve into the woman you are here to be. 



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