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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably achieved some amazing things in your life, even though secretly you don’t feel like you deserve admiration or praise – you never feel like you’ve ever had to work that hard.

You’re not someone that needs help. You've a proven track record of 'success.'

You’re a go-getter and you love figuring out how to make things happen. The downside to this is that you easily feel burnt out by trying to solve everyone’s problems.

You’re caring and sensitive to people’s emotional states and your surroundings, meaning that you’re able to navigate situations effortlessly. But the dark side is that you find it challenging to protect your own energy.

And at every moment, the longing for certainty paradoxically drives you and also holds you back.

It’s hard to even admit this, but there's something deep down within you that you've been hiding from the world, out of fear of judgement from friends, family and colleagues. And you have a sneaky suspicion that this is the very thing you're meant to share with the world to make it a better place. 

Who I Work With

I work with visionary women who desire to experience life more fully in all areas of their lives.

I work with women who have a track record of applying themselves to their goals.

I work with women who are high-performers. They know what conventional success is but they’re wondering what’s next – there’s a deep hunger for more depth and meaning.

I work with women who take action now and ask questions later. They never need to be convinced to do anything that’ll drive them towards what they want to create in the world.

I work with women who’re working on embracing their feminine power and forging a new way.

I work with women who desire to be even more authentic in their lives. 

I work with women who are determined to let go of the word 'should.' 

I work with women who inspire me.


Who I don’t work with:

Excuse makers.

Those who are only half committed to change.

Those who aren’t ready to do the deep work.

Those who don’t take full responsibility.

How Coaching Works…

Bring me your vision. Together, we strip away the BS and make it more authentically 'you', and bigger than you’ve ever dared.

I’ll say the things no-one else dares to say to you.

You’ll love me and hate me.

You’ll find yourself finding fulfillment in the smallest things and the big things feel even more effortless.

And your life will change in profound ways.

The work I do is incredibly special and is only for women who are ready to show up differently in the world. I only work with a small handful of women a year.

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