I help powerful women create extraordinary lives...

I’m an expert at helping high performing women tap into the powerful truth of their being and then live from that space so that they can create magic and miracles in their lives.

10 years working as an archaeologist taught me that there is always more to a situation than meets the eye, and that through the careful removal of layers, you will always find treasure.

Once you find it, your whole world changes.

The work I do with my clients is impactful, powerful and transformative. I help my clients dig deep and bring forth their true desires and essence, so that they can create new levels of impact and income.

You know you’re an ambitious woman if you have a track record of achievement but it still never feels enough.

You know you’re an ambitious woman if you’re addicted to work and find it difficult to wind down and be present in the moment.

You know you’re an ambitious woman if feel like you’re constantly trying to prove something to yourself and others.

You know you’re an ambitious woman if you’re feeling frustrated with yourself for holding yourself back from what you truly want.

Yeah, me too.


One of the best things about being driven and determined is that you’re able to excel and achieve.

But the dark side is that very often you’re the most ‘successful’ person you know and it becomes harder to dream bigger and truer – as powerful women, we fear offending people, getting judged or even outgrowing the people we love.


I’ve been a high achiever my entire life. But this resulted in choosing to have an academic career that felt more like a cage than a calling. And the deeper in I was, the harder it felt to pivot and allow myself to discover my truth, purpose and passion. Ironically, my academic training and experience of feeling stuck and unfulfilled was my greatest gift. I have an impeccable ability to help high performing women step out of their cages and step into the world of miracles.

My clients are women with purpose and power. Despite their successes, the next step always feels like a huge impossible jump. And it’s exactly because they are high performing, that despite their fears and self-doubt, they do whatever is necessary to achieve what they set out to.


I help extraordinary women not only achieve their next level of success, but in a way that feels joyful and effortless.

If this sounds like you, get in touch and let’s talk.

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Dr Sarah Coxon is a coach for ambitious women who want it all.

She lives in Portugal with her Italian husband-to-be Mauro and when she's not hiking or beaching, you can find Sarah researching, writing or facilitating local yoga workshops. 


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