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Dr Sarah Coxon is the founder of Limitless: The Academy, a transformative community container for ambitious women who want to reclaim their feminine powers, experience deep freedom, ease and flow, and come home to themselves.

"10 years working as an archaeologist taught me that there is always more to a situation than meets the eye, and that through the careful removal of layers, you will always find the treasure you seek.Once you find it, your whole world changes."


The work I do with my women is powerful and transformative. I help them dig deep and bring forth their true desires and essence, so that they can create new levels of expansion, success, flow & joy.

"Throughout my twenties I really struggled with life. A chronic high achiever, I desperately felt the need to impress people and prove myself. But this resulted in choosing to have an academic career that felt more like a cage than a calling.  For years, it felt impossible to pivot and allow myself the space to explore & discover my truth, purpose and passion.


Until the fateful ‘fuck it’ moment arrived, and before I knew it, I’d bought a one way ticket to Southeast Asia to teach yoga full time….


This began a true journey of expansion, where I trained, studied and taught the art and science of tapping into our female superpowers, creating success on my terms and living from a place of ecstatic joy.


My 1:1 and programs are the inevitable culmination of all my teachings and learning, condensed into a fully immersive and totally transformative experience."



Dr Sarah Coxon is a mentor for ambitious women who want it all.

She lives in Portugal with her Italian husband-to-be Mauro and their cuddly dog Mani. When she's not hiking or beaching, you can find Sarah researching, writing or facilitating local yoga workshops. 


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