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Hi, I'm Sarah.

I'm here to help you make money (and find freedom) from living your authentic purpose.

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Hi, I'm Sarah Coxon PhD

I’m a business mentor for soulful women just like you who want a business and life that gives them the freedom to do EXACTLY what they want (like sleeping in til 9am and traveling the world). 

In 2016 I quit my soul-sucking 9-5 to travel and 'find myself' because I knew there must be more to life than sitting at a desk for 40 hours a week. Turns out I was right. It's been a bit of a roller coaster but I now live in Portugal (by the beach of course). My days consist of yoga, drinking wine with my girlfriends, daily beach time, and doing the work I love - showing beautiful big-hearted women who 'aren't sales people' how to create thriving businesses and sell their offerings without ever compromising on their values.  



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